Making Speeches and Presentations
Gathering the best ideas and practicing your presentation brings you that much closer to delivering that perfect speech. And no better place to do all that than in our life-changing speech programs! We offer a positive and professional environment which encourages creativity - a place where you can get honest and valuable feedback about your speech presentation. We have everything you need to learn how to make a great speech – right down to all the practical details such as a room with a lectern and microphone as well as sound equipment for recording purposes.

Preparing to Speak
​People need to prepare for public speaking. Proper preparation can make the difference between an effective and ineffective speech.
Speakers can have a wonderful vision but they need the necessary skills to be able to turn that dream into reality. We give you effective tools including varied techniques so that you can deliver that perfect speech. Aimed with a definite game plan, you are bound to give an A+ speech.

Corporate Services
In ever-increasing numbers, corporations are realizing the benefits of corporate speech coaching. Our speech gurus work on clarity in speech, presentation techniques, building confidence, and other facets of successful corporate interaction. We offer several services specifically tailored to business needs. These corporate programs focus on enhancing the quality of the speaking voice, public speaking confidence and body language. In addition, we provide additional areas of training upon request. This invaluable training recognizes the uniqueness of each business as well as their individual needs and goals. 
Our speech gurus can come to your corporation to work with a group of employees. Usually we conduct group sessions with less than 20 attendees. We find that a group atmosphere creates a supportive and encouraging environment as well as a space for accountability. Based on our visits and observations of your company's ideals and values as well as interacting with employees, we can ultimately develop a customized program for your corporation.

Accent Reduction
The length of accent reduction training (or modification) time needed varies according to the individual. If a person has a subtle accent and does not resist change then the process might be completed in just a few sessions. Under different circumstances, however, the training could extend to months – depending on the individual. When determining the necessary length of this type of training, plenty of factors come into play – urgency of the adjustment, amount of practice, and the student's level of comfort with the new sounds. Our goal is to make you feel confident with a Standard American Dialect as soon as possible but it takes time and patience. 

Where Do We Meet?

CSC conducts one-on-one training from the comfort of your home or office via Skype, FaceTime or another preferred program. Many of our past and present clients have benefitted from meeting with our speech gurus through an online platform. We offer the option of traveling to your office and would be happy to discuss this option with you.  Our headquarters is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania however we serve all surrounding areas including Erie, Columbus, West Virginia, Cleveland and State College. 


Your Inner Voice & the Business World

Good business hinges on a person's ability for good self-expression. If your speeches, presentations, or your overall persona comes across as weak and lacking confidence, you will not attract business success. On the other side, if you portray a pleasant, energetic, knowledgeable, and confident personality then people tend to feel more comfortable in trusting you with greater responsibility. Basically, clarity in speaking gives you credibility. Learning how to improve speaking skills pays off - big time - in the short and long term. Even in large classes, our corporate speech coaches use a personalized approach to help you bring more of your personality into your corporate presence.