What Can Corp Speech Coaching Do For You?

One of the most important skills in life is communication.  And we want to help you become the best you can be!  We help create compelling and confident leaders who can excel in one-on-one contact, staff meetings or presentations before a packed audience.

Our lesson plans cover three main categories of vocal skill application. ​ ​
1. Voice Modification - How to Change Your Voice 
2. Accent Reduction Training - And Accent Modification
3. Public Speaking - How to Gain Public Speaking Confidence

Speech Training

Our training is different!  You will be engaged with real working knowledge on vocal production, anxiety and performance.
The knowledge is important while the application of the knowledge is critical.  Levering our team’s extensive background in theatre and film, you will perform exercises that will help you understand how to use your voice and how to engage your audience through storytelling.
This is a hands-on interactive training that is life changing.

Speech Coaching

Do You Have Anxiety?


Whether you are anxious about making conversation with your co-workers or making a speech before hundreds, it can play havoc with your life – being anything from a mild inconvenience to a debilitating circumstance. Our coaching team works successfully with people with all levels of speech anxiety. We offer customized training to meet individual needs and goals. When this training is over, you will feel confident to speak up in any situation – blind date, big business meeting, or broadcasting an event.

What Will You Get When You Hire A Personal Speech Coach? 

+ Control your fear of public speaking
​+ Cleary articulate so that your audience can understand you and your message
+ Get the voice you have always wanted
+ ​Project confidence even when feeling nervous or unsure
+ Understand how nonverbal signals help and hinder communication
+ Use personal experiences and storytelling to make presentations more engaging
+ Develop your own natural speaking style
+ Improve speaking in impromptu situations
+ Get analysis and critiques of your presentations
+ Develop ongoing self-improvement tactics
+ Learn self analysis of your presentations

Goal.. To deliver an engaging message leading to a successful result.

Challenge.. To discover the necessary strategies and skills to attain this goal while projecting a warm, credible, and confident personality.

Solution..​ To receive customized speech coaching with techniques and skills enabling one to deliver consistent and excellent speaking.

Result.. A more natural delivery stemming from the fact that you have confidence in your technique, know how to reach your goal, and trust your own speaking skills.


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