Dan Miller Global Director

“AT&T contracted with Lauren to provide speech coaching workshops to about 50 advanced solutions consultants. The feedback from the team was excellent in that Lauren and the workshops did a great job identifying areas of improvement in public speaking skills and brought to the participants attention functional components of speaking that are frequently overlooked or taken for granted. Due to the results of the workshops, and the confidence and improved speaking skills, the team saw a 10%-15% lift in closed business. Well worth the investment.”


Steve Lowe National Applications Sales Manager

"Lauren brings a unique approach to speech training which enables each participant to improve and excel in the areas which are critical to their needs. It is based on her experience in the performing arts, which has many similarities to the professional work environment. As a manager of sales professionals, our team realized immediate benefits to the time spent under her guidance where we gained confidence in communicating with our clients and how to clearly deliver our message. Lauren’s training is critical to anyone required to be in front of small, medium or large groups."

Pepsi Co  

Ebony Flowers Customer Service Coordinator

"I expected that the experience would be a seminar based lesson not an engaging life lesson. most presenters are stereotyped as boring. this class was very engaging and entertaining where everyone felt relaxed and involved. it was more of a personal and informal class versus the business setting that was expected. Lauren did an excellent job and i would recommend her and her dynamic techniques to more companies everywhere."

Plasma Computing Group  

Yasser Khan | Executive Vice President 

"Excellent coach and very personable. In a short time, she was able to improve my speech delivery and enhance the presentation skills."

Kaplan University  

Ruth Redmond | Executive Director of Training & Development 

"Lauren is a phenomenal speech coach. She not only has the technical expertise but she also understands the importance getting to know each of her clients and working to truly understand their needs. She is excellent at personalizing her approach and creating customized coaching plans that target the areas that you as an individual want to improve. I would definitely recommend Lauren to anyone looking to improve their public speaking skills."

CSL Plasma 

Roseli Long  Quality Process Engineer

"I signed up for lessons because in my position I constantly deliver presentations and communicate with many people, from factory floor employees to directors and vice-presidents, but my speech was always breathy, lacking confidence, filled with fear and anxiety, and my voice did not project well. I have had a few speaking and communication courses before, but group classes did'n€™t help much. Lauren has taught me how to breathe, to project my voice properly, overcome anxiety and deliver with confidence. I doubted someone could change me from a boring speaker into someone interesting to hear, but it had been only my third lesson when I started to receive compliments from my peers and managers on how my speech has improved, and how they enjoyed my presentations. 

From there on, it is only getting better. The investment I have made in these lessons is well worth; it has been opening many doors for me at work and in my personal life. Lauren has done an amazing job with me, and I highly recommend her services."


Darren Ritch | Senior Director, Industry Solutions Practice

“Lauren is an incredible speech coach. Her approach is easy to learn and gets the most out of every session. As a public speaker she helped me with areas of weakness and gave me the tools I need to deliver a superior speech in every situation.”


Andrew Warren Industry Practice Director

“My confidence has increased 100% (But it would help to have more sessions), hard to calculate more sales (but I would say 2-3 a yr), my sales contract values have increased over 50% since I started taking the presentation lessons.”

Pepsi Co

Jessica Stanfield

"The coaching session was excellent! Very informative and fun. The exercises and tips were extremely beneficial, and I learned several things I will be able to apply to future presentations. Thank you!"


Bill Brooks Industry Solutions Practice Manager

“Get past the embarrassing sounds and unusual faces and you will move quickly upwards to success and a more enhanced speech.”

Frito Lay

Julie Wolfe Account Director

“Absolutely fascinating exercise!!! This gal is entertaining, well informed and excellent at teaching people how to speak and present.I walked away learning new things...I truly am better at public speaking after just one class. Fantastic!!!"


Brian Wozniak Regional Manager, Utility Solutions

“I’ve experienced speech training quite a few times in my career. This is the first one that so strongly emphasized proper breathing in, what I believe, will prove to be an affective format.”


David Douthit Principal, Industry Solutions

"Lauren is experienced in building a learning environment that creates success with those participating in the skill building sessions offered. Lauren is comfortable with all age groups and respectful of individuals.”


Jonathan Fischer EVP, Business Development & Field Services

“This program was fantastic. It was tailored to me specifically after the first 15 minutes.”

BWG Corp 

Frank T.

“Lauren did great job on our video spokesperson project. She executed every take with precision and great energy. Lauren was able to effectively communicate our value proposition and connect with our audience. She is extremely flexible and easy to work with. She was open to all of our suggestions and executed our script to perfection. We hope to use her again on future projects.”


Jack Bobin AT&T Mobility 

“I have completed many types of sales trainings in my career, but none like this.”


Kyle Meyer Industry Solutions Practice Manager

“The course has enhanced the delivery of my presentations tremendously.”