Who We Are

The team of gurus at Corporate Speech Coaching have been noted as some of the premiere public speaking coaches and vocal professionals. The team specializes in training corporate clients who seek to liven up their presentations and become more comfortable with public speaking. CSC has developed a style that enables clients to achieve dramatic and practical results.

Who Needs a Speech Coach? You do.. if You Want To..

1. Enhance Public Speaking
2. Change the Tone of Your Voice
3. Reduce an Accent
4. Moderate Voice Projection
5. Reduce Physical Signs of Anxiety
6. Become Comfortable Speaking in Social Situations
7. Be more at Ease on Dates
8. Prepare for a Speech
9. Improve Your Interview Skills
10. Create an Executive Persona
11. Be a Better Storyteller
12. Become a Better Salesperson
13. Make Media Appearances

14. Increase Board Room Confidence

I Don't Like My Speaking Voice. How To Improve Speaking Skills
With our help, you can change your voice because unlike other physical characteristics, we inherit from our parents – our voices are not set in stone. If you don't like how you sound on recordings or video, you can change that. Actually, voices are malleable in nature. We won't lose touch with our voice but we can enhance it. 

​Voice Enhancements
The main focus in voice enhancement is the actual voice itself. Voice enhancement training means improving the tone, resonance, expressive quality, volume, and clarity of one's voice.

​Flexibility is a main factor in vocal ability. With flexibility comes vocal ability – for any situation using a different facet of the voice. Just as you dress differently for working in the garden compared to a formal dinner, you don't use the same tone to joke with our friend as when trying to jumpstart that new business with a potential investor. When you manipulate varied facets of the vocal anatomy, you color your voice in dramatic fashion.

Do you think your voice is too feminine or has too masculine a sound? Whatever your preference, you can achieve the desired result. Of course, speaking tone does not determine masculinity or femininity. Nevertheless, many men and women feel insecure about the sound of their voice as the pitch or tone might concern them. Maybe they want a voice with more authority or, on the other hand, maybe a more delicate-sounding voice. Granted, there are genetic limitations yet clients can better reflect their personality with slight alterations to the quality of their voice.

Volume and Projection
Reaching your projection goal means working on breath, resonance, space, tongue position, and posture as well mental barriers. Through vocal exercises, we can find ways to increase the volume and projection of your voice. 

Tone Quality
​Too high a voice, too low, too weak, too nasal,...? All fixable problems – all these issues are related to a misuse of vocal elements. The worst part is, however, that long-term habitual vocal misuse can lead to vocal inefficiency. Our training identifies the components of your voice which need work. We can modify elements which interfere with you having the best possible voice. It's akin to cooking. Sometimes you add a spice; sometimes you need to leave a seasoning on the shelf. Changing the tone of your voice is a similar process. It is possible to learn how to change your voice. Adding or subtracting vocal elements achieves a different sound. Our program provides you with detailed exercises and additional tools to help balance your voice.

Lisp - Stammer - Other Speech Impediment
Many speech impediments can be fixed by adjustment - adjusting placement of the tongue, cultivating efficient breathing, or reducing tension. Often these issues can be addressed but if the issue is more complex, we will refer you to a speech pathologist or vocal doctor.